150000 Downloads: A personal milestone


Earlier today the counter on my TechNet community profile tipped over from 149,999 to 150,000. A major milestone for me personally as I never expected when I uploaded my first script, Get-FileVersion: Script to check file properties, that I would get this level of feedback. After uploading my first few scripts I remember my excitement when I received my first email from TechNet with a question to one of the scripts. Nowadays I occasionally struggle to keep up with the requests and questions that the scripts generate, and I love the interaction and feedback I have received.

That is also the reason for this post, a thank you to everyone using, breaking and improving my scripts. I have learned a lot and I have revisited some of my ideas on your experiences. It has been very rewarding keeping up with all the developments, suggestions and questions.

I have created a new section on my blog to be able to keep track of the scripts I have released it is available in the top section of this site, Scripts. It contains all the direct links to my script pages and the relevant Q and A sections in the TechNet Script Gallery.


In conclusion I would like to thank everyone from participating in discussions that prompted me to write, re-write and re-re-write my scripts for countless iterations and I hope to hear more from everyone in the future!

My TechNet Community Profile
My entries in TechNet Script Gallery
New Script Section



4 thoughts on “150000 Downloads: A personal milestone

  1. Irwin Strachan

    Your scripts are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to share them with the community!



  2. ron

    I’m trying to remove all of the logged on users’ temporary files located in


    I know my issue isn’t just related to your script, as it also fails when I try and use the normal windows commandline.

    I’m just wondering, am I misinterpreting what this cleanmgr app is supposed to do.

    Should it be able to clean up my user temp files?

    Thank you very much

    1. Jaap Brasser Post author

      Hi Ron,

      I actually have multiple scripts that can help with that. If you would like to delete files in a specific, or a number of specific folders then you could also look into deleteold.ps1. It allows for use of regular expressions to define which folders should be deleted.

      Can you explain how it fails, then I could look into what is happening and maybe provide an alternative solution using the module.


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