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Quantum Random Number Generator, in PowerShell!

Recently I came across an article about a random number generator based on quantum effects in a vacuum. Scientists at The Australian National University have created the fastest random number generator based on this concept.

Sub-atomic particles appearing and disappearing measured by extremely sensitive light sensors are generating these random numbers. According to Quantum Theory these events are completely random and connect be predicted.

Because I thought the concept was quite interesting I decided to write a small PowerShell script, for PowerShell version 3. Using the new Invoke-Webrequest Cmdlet. The script grabs the content from the dedicated website and finds the block of 1024 hexadecimal characters.

Based on the parameters supplied to the script it can return either a hexadecimal number of 1 to 15 characters or a converted to a decimel integer. As a third option the script can also be leveraged to generate a seed to be used with the Get-Random Cmdlet, because a Quantum Seed is just so much better.

I have uploaded the script to the Microsoft Technet Gallery, you can check it out here:

Quantum Random Number Generator, in PowerShell

By all means check out the ANU Website as well, there are some guessing games as well, so you can try to beat the random generator.


Microsoft reintroduces MCSE

Today I was taken aback by the news that Microsoft decided to breathe new life into the MCSE certification. After seeing official Microsoft posts pronouncing MCSE was dead just three years ago, as shown on the Microsoft Learning blog: The MCSE is dead, its time to move on. Their decision to reinstate the certification is surprising to say the least.

There are some changes as well, MCSE no longer stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer. The new title will be Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Similar changes have been made for MCSA and the Microsoft Certified Master certification has been renamed to MCSM, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master. Also recertification is mandatory for the new certification tracks.

New Microsoft Certification Tree

There is a FAQ available on the Microsoft Learning website:
MCSE: Reinvented for the Cloud

All in all I think this is a good move, the MCSE certification is still very much alive and in demand and I recently caught myself translating MCITP:EA to MCSE 2008…