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New interview on PowerShell Magazine: #PSConfAsia An Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser

Last month I presented at the PowerShell Conference Asia PowerShell MVP and organizer of the event Ravikanth pulled me aside for an interview for a few minutes in a new series on PowerShell Magazine: PowerShell Magazine TV. The full article is available here:
PSConfAsia An Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser

Currently interviews are still being released so be sure to check out the other interviews as other experts give their insights on the past, present and future of PowerShell. It is an interesting series so be sure you don’t miss out on this.

PowerShell Magazine: #PSConfAsia An Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser

The links mentioned in this article are also available below, feel free to access them for more information:

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PSConfAsia An Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser
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PowerShell Magazine Founder Ravikanth

Get-ZipFileProperties – Retrieve details about zip files

I uploaded a new function that can read details from zip files, for example the compression ratio and the number of files and folders that it contains. This function is based on a short article I wrote for PowerShell Magazine, Determine compression ratio of compressed files. I have uploaded this function to the TechNet Script Gallery.

Using the this function it is possible to view the details of a zip files, as shown in the following example:

Get-ChildItem -Filter *.zip | Get-ZipFileProperties

Use Get-ChildItem to retrieve a list of zip files in the current folder and pipe it into the Get-ZipFileProperties function to retrieve information about these files


For more information or the direct download links of these scripts please refer to the links below. Feel free to leave a comment either here or in the TechNet Script Library.

TechNet Script Gallery
My entries in TechNet Script Gallery – Scripts
Get-ZipFileProperties – Script that retrieves details about zip files

PowerShell MVP

I just received an email from Microsoft stating that I received the PowerShell MVP Award for my contributions to the community.


I would like to thank everyone in the technical communities I have participated and contributed to, as I would not have been able to do this by myself. Through your participation, contributions, feedback and comments I have been able to share my knowledge.