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Recap of Dutch PowerShell Saturday September 2016

Last weekend we gathered for yet another PowerShell Saturday, this time hosted in Amsterdam by IPsoft who generously provided us with the space to hold our meeting. This was the second time we organized the PowerShell Saturday event and it was nice to see that once again we had a great turnout. Not the least because of the great line up of speakers, during the event we had the following four speakers:

Speaker Session
Flynn Bundy Nano Server – The Future is Now
Javy de Koning Optimizing code for collaboration
Matthew Hodgkins Chatops with PowerShell
Irwin Strachan OVF – Pester for SysAdmins

During the event we took a number of pictures to give you an impression of event:

During the event Thierry Cailleau provided us with live reports of the content being presented including notes and links in our Slack channel, Feel free to join us there to catch up on the details of the day or if you have any questions regarding the content that was shared during PowerShell Saturday.

After a full morning and afternoon of presentations we continued on with the Open Stage, this is the section of the PowerShell Saturday where we will have room for several short presentations, the opportunity to share something interesting you have found out when working with PowerShell and a moment to discuss common issues. In which both me and Flynn shared some ideas on Docker and exporting PowerShell objects as binary streams.

For the full list of materials shared during the event and the open stage please refer to this overview of links:

Links in this article
Flynn Bundy DevBlog
Javy de Koning – Optimizing code for collaboration
Matthew Hodgkins – ChatOps presentation
Matthew Hodgkins – Hubot DSC Resource / PSHubotDocker
ChatOps – Managing Operations in Group Chat
Irwin Strachan – OVF – Pester for SysAdmins
Dutch PowerShell User Group – DuPSUG



I am speaking at PowerShell Conference Asia 2016!

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted as a speaker at the PowerShell Conference Asia in Singapore! I will be presenting two sessions and I will do joint session together with Jason Yoder. I will be presenting on the following topics:

  • Securing PowerShell to defeat malware
  • Creating better reports using PowerShell
  • PowerShell pre-conference session with Jason Yoder


The PowerShell Conference Asia is held in Singapore for the second year this year and I am happy to once again be a part of this event. To cite the website:

“Join us for the second PowerShell Conference Asia, held in Singapore, where PowerShell speakers from Asia and around the world come together to bring attendees in-depth PowerShell and DevOps content.

Speakers include 4 members of the PowerShell team from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and a strong line-up of MVPs, well-known international speakers, and community contributors. They’ll cover in-depth topics on the PowerShell language and how you can use PowerShell to automate the technologies you use every day.”

If you are interested in joining the conference or if you would like to know more about it, visit the website, follow @psconfasia on Twitter or join our Slack group psconfasia.slack. See you in Singapore!


Dutch PowerShell User Group – Featuring the Microsoft Scripting Guy

Last week as DuPSUG we organized another Dutch PowerShell User Group meetup with no one less than the Microsoft Scripting guy presenting two sessions at our humble event. The event was sponsored by: Methos

During the event we had the following sessions and speakers:

Speaker Session
Scripting Guy Ed’s 5 favorite things about PowerShell 5.0
Ben Gelens Start-NewEra.ps1 –Repo PowerShell
Jaap Brasser Testing in PowerShell – Unit testing, Integration testing and Operational Tests
Rob Sewel PowerShell PowerBi and SQL – Reducing your DBA’s Context Switching
Scripting Guy Conf Mgmt with Azure Automation DSC – Cloud & On-Prem, Windows & Linux
Jeff Wouters Azure Resource Manager – Make it so!

I have also created a repository for this event that contains all the presentations as they have been provided to me by the presenters:

GitHub – DuPSUG – DuPSUG008

Aside from the speakers and the sessions themselves, in the audience we had an additional 3 PowerShell MVPs visiting the event, bringing up the total to six:

For more information about the topics in this article please visit the links below:

Links in this article
Start-NewEra.ps1 –Repo PowerShell
Testing in PowerShell – Unit testing, Integration testing and Operational Tests
PowerShell PowerBi and SQL – Reducing your DBA’s Context Switching
Dutch PowerShell User Group – DuPSUG
GitHub – DuPSUG – DuPSUG008