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Secure your servers in time with JIT and JEA at Experts Live Summer Night event

Earlier this month I spoke at Experts Live Summer Night, an Security focused event for IT Professionals. I covered JIT, Privileged Access Management and JEA, Just Enough Administration. Here is an excerpt of the presentation:

Just Enough Administration, also known as JEA, has been around for several years and has received a lot of updates and new features. How can we use this to secure our servers and reduce the attack surface that we expose to potential malicious actors. During this session Jaap will demo how to configure and deploy JEA templates, configure JIT administration.

All the code and slides are as always available in my Events GitHub repository:

Furthermore I have also uploaded my presentations to SlideShare:


Windows 10 Build 10159 Released – Start of Windows 10 Blog Series

W10B10159Microsoft announced the release of the latest build of Windows 10, Build 10159: Whoa! Another PC build!, it is available for download if you set the Windows Update settings to Fast. By setting it on this mode, Windows Update will automatically download the latest build when it becomes available.

To get the most recent preview builds installed on your Windows 10 Technical Preview build navigate to:

  • Advanced Update Settings
  • Choose how preview builds are installed
  • Set Pull-down menu to ‘Fast’


As today it is the first of July I decided to create two new categories on my blog, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. At the 29th of July Windows 10 will be officially released so I will use the coming weeks to highlight some of the unique, redesigned functionalities of both the OS as well as the automation features that are available to us. The will be a heavy emphasis on the new and updated functionality of PowerShell 5.0.

As an extra I have attached the download link of the, 4K Hero Wallpaper, the new default wallpaper that is included in the 10159 build. The links are available here:

Windows 10 Build 10159 Released
Whoa! Another PC build!
4K Hero Windows 10 Wallpaper