New versions of Connect-Mstsc and Get-OrphanHomeFolder in TechNet Script Gallery

One of the things that keeps me busy is maintaining the library of scripts I have made available in the TechNet Script Library. I get a good number of questions and requests about my scripts there and I enjoy picking out some of the interesting or useful requests to implement them in my scripts. Recently I received some requests for new functionality in some of my scripts so I decided two of my scripts for the latest round of updates.

For Connect-Mstsc I have updated both the PowerShell 3.0 and up version as well as the version that is backwards compatible with PowerShell 2.0. A new parameter has been introduced, -Public, which corresponds with the /public switch of the mstsc.exe tool. It runs Remote Desktop in public mode, which was requested by MSFTW. Here is an example of this switch parameter in action:

Connect-Mstsc -ComputerName server01:3389 -User contoso\jaapbrasser -Password supersecretpw -Public

A RDP session to server01 at port 3389 will be created using the credentials of contoso\jaapbrasser and the /public switch will be set for mstsc

Get-OrphanHomeFolder has been updated to support wildcards/regular expressions to be able to exclude folders. This came from a request of martin_i who has a lot of folders named .v2 which he would like to exclude instead of manually specifying each path. Here is an example:

.\Get-OrphanHomeFolder.ps1 -HomeFolderPath \\Server02\Fileshare\Home -MoveFolderPath \\Server03\Fileshare\MovedHomeFolders -ExcludePath '\.v2$' -RegExExclude 
Will list all the folders in the \\Server02\Fileshare\Home folder and will move orphaned folders using robocopy, excluding folders that end with .v2

For more information or the direct download links of these scripts please refer to the links below. Feel free to leave a comment either here or in the TechNet Script Library.

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