PowerShell Fundamentals May 2016 – Experts Live on Tour

Today I was invited by Experts Live to take a group of enthusiastic IT professionals through the basics of PowerShell and give them some guidance on the how, what and why of PowerShell. In the last six months this is the third time I have presented or taught a group of IT pros with Experts Live. Today I presented the PowerShell portion of the day and Bert Wolters represented Experts Live in order to increase the engagement in technical communities.

Today I walked the group through the following subjects in an interactive demo based program:

  • PowerShell fundamentals
  • Using variables and working with Objects
  • Loops, operators and flow control
  • PowerShell modules, snap-ins and functions
  • PowerShell tips from the field

During the day I mentioned a number of learning resources to, some of the topics I mentioned are listed below:

I have posted the assignments, slides and supporting documentation to GitHub, to view the files click here:

If you attended the session today and a feedback form will be filled out soon, if you have any suggestions for this session or any potential follow up sessions you would be interested in be sure to fill out the form. As I mentioned today if you have any questions in regards to the content we discussed today, feel free to reach out to me directly.

For more information about the topics in this article please visit the links below:

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