PowerShell Magazine article: Jaap Brasser’s Favorite PowerShell Tips and Tricks

Today my article containing some tips and tricks for working with files and folders in PowerShell was published on PowerShell Magazine. It includes a work-around for working with long path names. Be sure to check it out at:

PowerShell Magazine: Jaap Brasser’s Favorite PowerShell Tips and Tricks



3 thoughts on “PowerShell Magazine article: Jaap Brasser’s Favorite PowerShell Tips and Tricks

  1. Stephen Saxon

    Dear Jaap,

    I’ve got an off-topic PowerShell question for you. I have worked for years as a server engineer with lots of rights but I find myself supporting software engineering team at this time (though I’m not much of a coder), and I’m therefore not a member of the Operations or Server Engineering teams. That means I do NOT have domain admin, nor even log-on rights for the company’s two VMM servers.

    I can run many useful PowerShell commands and scripts, but there are some that seem to require being run from within the VMM GUI instead of a HyperV module’s CLI. For example:

    get-vm -vmmserver OurVMMServer01 | select

    I get an error saying “Get-VM : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘vmmserver’.” When my friend (who has access to the VMM servers) runs the same command within the VMM GUI version of PowerShell, he gets proper output.

    My profile currently includes this command to include the HyperV PowerShell module, so the get-vm command is recognized – it’s just the parameter that seems to be missing an interpreter:

    import-module “C:\Program Files\modules\HyperV\HyperV.psd1”

    I’m hoping there is an additional module or a list of modules that would upgrade my CLI environment with some more functionality. Is there a way to pack my command line version of PowerShell with the same punch and functionality that the VMM GUI version has?

    Thank you,


    1. Lukman

      though, learning PowerShell is still 100% plibssoe for someone this busy with no programming experience. I would highly recommend Jughead just give it another chance and when you get frustrated ASK FOR HELP! Get on twitter and connect with some PowerShell guys. I’ve found them to be a valuable resource. Feel free to ask me (@evilemuofdoom) and I’ll even help you find a solution to your problem. Also, keep playing with the help files, once you get used to them you’ll see how great they really are.

  2. Jaap Brasser Post author

    Hello Stephen,

    From what I can gather is that you require access to the Cmdlets/additional parameters that are available in VMM. I think the easiest way to gain access to these Cmdlets is by simply loading the PSSnapin for VMM. You can do this by typing in the following syntax:
    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager

    If you do not have this snapin installed then you could simply install the VMM Administrator Console. The steps of how to do this are documented here on Technet:


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