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KulenDayz, TugaIT and All Access – Event Recap

During the summer period there is always a bit of downtime in the conference season. That gives some time to prepare new sessions, explore new technologies or new combinations of technology that can be used to create new content.

But because not being able to talk about anything at all I did attend a number of events, All Access Amsterdam, Tuga IT and Kulendayz. At these events I delivered the following presentations:

All three events were very different in regards to how they were set up, to give a frame of reference: One event was held in an Amsterdam canal house, another in a Microsoft office and the last at a shooting range. But the common thread through each of these events was the fact that everyone was very eager to interact and discuss technology.

Because just sharing the photos is obviously only half the work, I have also shared the code on GitHub in my Events repository:

GitHub Events Repository

GitHub Events Repository

I also shared the slides I used and my other presentations on SlideShare: