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Free ebook – Active Directory Friday All Articles


The Active Directory Friday articles have proven to be quite popular among my readers and as a thank you to all my readers I decided to publish the series as an Ebook. The reason for publishing this series as an ebook is to make the content more easily accessible. The ebook is available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats to allow for complete portability and free choice for any device to read these articles upon. I have placed this ebook in the Books section of my blog and the download links are available below.

PDF_download Download PDF EPub_logo Download EPUB mobi Download MOBI

The ebook covers the following topics:

  • Creating Active Directory groups using PowerShell
  • Determine the forest functional level
  • Find empty Organizational Unit
  • Use the ANR filter for LDAP Queries
  • Find users with password never expires
  • Change a user’s password
  • Create new OU
  • Determine tombstone lifetime
  • Search for computers accounts
  • List password information for Domain Administrators
  • Get DistinguishedName of current domain
  • Query Group Policy Objects in Active Directory
  • Find user accounts that have not changed password in 90 days

This resource will be updated on a regular basis as new articles are published, to keep the content up-to-date with the latest articles. If you have any requests or feedback for topics to be included in this ebook or the Active Directory Friday series, please leave a comment below.

Active Directory Friday All Articles
Active Directory Friday
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Three years of blogging; 100 posts

This month, June 2015 is a month of milestones. Just last week I posted an article on my 150000th download from the TechNet Script Gallery, today the occasion is my 100th blog post. remember when I started three years ago. I decided against making a obligatory first post in which I outlined my plans for making a blog, as I did not have a clear vision.


Now, more than three years later I use my blog as an outlet for any technical or otherwise interesting topics I come across. To celebrate the occasion I have opened up another section on my blog, Books.

To mark this joyful occasion, I have decided to bundle my ongoing series on this blog: Active Directory Friday into an ebook, available in the Books section of this site. The book is currently contains all thirteen articles and will be updated with new articles on a regular basis. It is available for download here: Active Directory Friday: All Articles


For a complete overview of all the links in this blog post I have created the following table containing all links.

Three years of blogging; 100 posts
New Books Section
Active Directory Friday
Download: Active Directory Friday: All Articles