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Video Presentation with Experts Live TV available online on Channel9 and YouTube

Last week I met up with Bert Wolters for a video presentation/interview. Bert has been recording a series of sessions on the latest and greatest functionality in Windows 10 and in this episode I discuss some of the new functionalities in PowerShell 5.0 in combination with Windows 10. The video has been recorded in Dutch, so unfortunately it will a bit hard to follow for the English speaking community.

In the video I showcase the following features:

  • Better Multiline support for the PowerShell console
  • Colored console for cmdlets, parameters and arguments
  • PowerShell cmdlets for Windows Defender
  • PowerShell debugging in the ISE using <CTRL> + B
  • DuPSUG, Dutch PowerShell User Group

Alternatively the video is also available on Microsoft’s Channel9:

For more information or the direct link of the video in this article please refer to the links below. Feel free to leave a comment either here or in the YouTube comment section.

Links in the article
Channel9 – Experts Live TV – 10 weken Windows 10 – Aflevering 9 – Powershell 5
Channel9 – Windows 10 in 10 Minuten
YouTube – Experts Live TV – 10 weken Windows 10 – Aflevering 9 – Powershell 5
DuPSUG.com, Dutch PowerShell User Group

Sixth DuPSUG meeting, an overview

Today I attended the Dutch PowerShell User Group meeting, colloquially known as DuPSUG. It was the first meeting of 2015 and it was a day filled with exciting sessions focusing on Desired State Configuration, OMI, AST and Azure Pack. Inovativ was kind enough to host the day at their headquarters in Amstelveen.

Blog of the Presenters
Jeffrey Snover
Bartek Bielawski
Ben Gelens
Jeff Wouters
Stefan Stranger
Interesting Links
Dutch PowerShell User Group Site
Monad Manifesto

Dutch PowerShell User Group in Amsterdam, 12th of September

As a board member of the Dutch PowerShell User Group I am happy to announce that we will be holding our next meeting in exactly one months time. The details as specified on our website:

We are pleased to inform you that the evening of PowerShell will be held as below, following our successful 2ndDutch PowerShell User Group meetup last June. We changed the format of this meetup to take place in the evening. Parking is available nearby and the venue is located next to Amsterdam Zuid train station.
In this meeting all sessions will be in English.
Source: http://www.dupsug.com/?p=630

For more information please visit www.dupsug.com or participate in the discussions on Twitter, @Dupsug or in our LinkedIn group discussions: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/DuPSUG-4496384

Tickets are available via EventBrite:


Slidedeck and Code from my Dutch PowerShell User Group Presentation

Today I presented my session on Parallelizing PowerShell Workloads during the Dutch PowerShell User Group. My slides and codes used during this presentation are available as an attachment to this blog post:

Jaap Brasser – DuPSUG Jun 2013 Presentation


Code samples from my DuPSUG presentation

Last Friday we had a great day in Eindhoven, the first Dutch PowerShell User Group meeting. It was a day packed with presentations and a lot of talk about PowerShell. I would like to thank everyone involved for making this into a great day! It was great to see the enthusiasm of everyone there.

I have joined the DuPSUG team and I am excited to be involved with the planning and setting up of future events. If you have any suggestions in regards to future events, be sure to contact me or anyone of the team as we are currently gathering feedback for our next event. For more information about the Dutch PowerShell User Group have a look at our website: http://www.dupsug.com/

The topic of my session was Splatting and [Adsisearcher], I have attached the code samples I used during the presentation to this post, this includes the samples I did not get around to showing:

And for those of you who just could not get enough of Splatting, I will be posting an article on splatting on my blog this week.

Update: Have a look at the Scripting Guy blog post, some photos of the event have been posted: Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog: The First-Ever Dutch PowerShell User Group