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Get-OrphanHomeFolder – New version in TechNet Script Gallery

I received two requests for new functionality in the Get-OrphanHomeFolder script. This script compares the folder names in a specified path to existing samaccountnames. If the script does not find a match it will list the folder as a possible orphaned folder, it also displays if an account is disabled. The script is available for download in the TechNet script library: Get-OrphanHomeFolder.

A simple example of how to use this function is as follows:

.\Get-OrphanHomeFolder.ps1 -HomeFolderPath \\Server01\Home -FolderSize

Will list all the folders in the \\Server01\Home path. For each of these folders it will query AD using the foldername, if the query does not return an AD account or a disabled AD account an error will be logged and the size of the folder will be reported

Using more parameters specific folders can be excluded from results and all orphaned folders are moved to another folder:

.\Get-OrphanHomeFolder.ps1 -HomeFolderPath \\Server02\Fileshare\Home -MoveFolderPath \\Server03\Fileshare\MovedHomeFolders -ExcludePath \\Server02\Fileshare\Home\JBrasser,\\\\Server02\Fileshare\Home\MShajin -UseRobocopy 
Will list all the folders in the \\Server02\Fileshare\Home folder and will move orphaned folders using robocopy, excluding JBrasser and MShajin, to \\Server03\Fileshare\MovedHomeFolders while displaying results to console 

The complete function is available in the TechNet Script Library. To view this script or to participate in the discussions about this script either comment here or in the TechNet Script Gallery. Because some of the new functionality, specifically the parameter sets and support for common parameter, the latest version of Connect-Mstsc is not compatible with PowerShell 2.0. To remedy this problem I have uploaded a PowerShell 2.0 compatible version as well.

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