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New article on PowerShell Magazine: Enumerating mapped network drives using WScript.Network

The Wscript.Network COM object offers a variety of useful methods, in a previous tip I showed how to map a network drive and how to remove a mapped network drive. Today the EnumNetworkDrives method will be used to enumerate the currently mapped network drives. A tip on how to enumerate mapped network drives using the EnumNetworkDrives method is available on PowerShell Magazine:


For this article I have written a script that converts the output from this method into PowerShell objects. The script, Get-MappedDrive, is available in the Technet Script Gallery:


New article on PowerShell Magazine: Rename a local or a mapped drive using Shell.Application

In PowerShell it is possible to rename mapped network drives and local disk drives. This can be achieved by using the Shell.Application class. A tip on how to rename a drive using this method has been posted on PowerShell Magazine:



New article on PowerShell Magazine: Create mapped network drive using WScript.Network

In PowerShell there are several methods available to created mapped drives, one of these is by using the MapNetworkDrive method of Wscript.Network COM object. A tip on how to map a drive using this method which also includes how to remove the mapped folder is available on PowerShell Magazine:


This article and many other articles I have written for other websites are available in the External Articles section of this blog.