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Active Directory Friday: Determine the forest functional level

Knowing the Forest Functional Level can be important when implementing new products or when considering to upgrade your functional level. This information can be view in the ‘Active Directory Domains and Trusts’ console, but for the purpose of this article we will take a look how this information can be retrieved programmatically, or to be more specific: How to retrieve this using PowerShell.

In the following example we use the Get-ADForest cmdlet to Retrieve information about the current forest. In particular the property we are interested in is the ForestMode property:

Get-ADForest | Select-Object ForestMode

Alternatively the [adsi] type accelerator can be used, this has the advantage that it works on any computer that has PowerShell installed as it does not rely on having the Active Directory module installed, the following code will retrieve the Forest Functional level:


The problem with this is that the value of the Forest Functional Level is stored as an integer. Luckily for us this integer can be found on MSDN. So by combining the previous command with a switch statement we can get the expected output:

switch (([adsi]"LDAP://CN=Partitions,$(([adsi](“LDAP://RootDSE”)).configurationNamingContext)").'msDS-Behavior-Version') {
    0 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2000'}
    2 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2003'}
    3 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2008'}
    4 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2008R2'}
    5 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2012'}
    6 {'DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2012R2'}

For more information about the Forest Functional Level I have included a TechNet article that goes in depth about the implications of the various forest and domain functional levels. For more information about the msDS-Behavior-Version attribute I have included the link to the MSDN entry.

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