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Awesome!! Awarded Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Award 2018/19

1st: Chris Wahl, Mike Fal and me, Rubrik MVPs at the MVP Summit, 2nd: June 2018, Dutch PowerShell User Group, 3rd: MVP Community Connection in Hangzhou, meeting Chinese MVPs, 4th: Speaking to attendees at Spiceworks AllAccess Amsterdam

This month I have been awarded as a Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management for 2018/19. I am both honored and humbled to have received this award. The other MVPs are rockstars in their fields and I feel it is fantastic that I am a part of this group of highly talented individuals in the global technical community. I look forward to another year of sharing and creating great content!

MVP Program Logo

A question that often comes back is what you do to be a MVP or how do you become a MVP. This is not an easy question to answer, but what I can share is how I got here and what it has brought to me as a person as well as an IT professional.

My initial introduction to the technical communities came through searching online for answers. Both the Hey Scripting Guy! blog on TechNet and the forums were a solid reference to me. Even though I frequently returned to both the forums and the blog, I was not an active participant. I was somewhat held back because I thought I did not know enough to share with others.

Shortly after I moved to a position where I was responsible for building out scripting and automation within the Windows department, focusing on PowerShell and source control adoption. This also included the responsibility of training my colleagues on how to use the different tools and methodologies. At this time, early 2012, I also started my first blog, because I was already sharing my knowledge among my colleagues I felt more confident at this point to start blogging.

Meeting up with fellow Cloud and Datacenter MVPs on the Microsoft Campus

During this time, I also started to attend more conferences and I met Aleksandar Nikolić back in 2012 at TechEd, he talked me in to writing a blog post for PowerShell Magazine: Jaap Brasser’s Favorite PowerShell Tips and Tricks. Also in 2012, Jeff Wouters started the Dutch PowerShell User Group and asked me to be a speaker there. I promptly said yes to that, a decision I regretted the entire period leading up to the presentation. A blog post summarizing this event is available on TechNet: Hey Scripting Guy! – The First-Ever Dutch PowerShell User Group.

From this moment on I steadily became more active, I started sharing solutions on forums, writing and sharing my scripts, attending and presenting at more events and conferences. In 2015 I was first awarded as a PowerShell MVP, at the time it felt a bit unexpected. But after the initial celebration, a well-deserved cool beverage and a slight case of the impostor-syndrome, I felt an increased sense of responsibility to share my knowledge. Although I continue to feel I could do better or I could do more, I continued working on content I thought would be interesting to others and delivered presentations on topics I am passionate about.

1st: European MVPs at MVP Summit 2018, 2nd: At the Glasgow PowerShell / SQL Saturday, 3rd: Presenting on using PowerShell for developers

Friends or family around me have asked on more than one occasion: “Do you get paid to do that?” or “What do you get out of it?”. The first question is easy to answer, in most cases the work is unpaid. But what you get out of it, for me it has been a mutually beneficial experience, it drove me to get more in-depth knowledge in areas I would have otherwise neglected to do while sharing with and teaching others.

As a result of both the MVP Program and the contacts from related activities I now have friends and peers in more countries that I can count, and I have had opportunities to speak and attend events all over the world. And most importantly, I have had a lot of fun while doing it.

February 2018 My first visit to the Rubrik campus in Palo Alto

Earlier this year I started a new position as a Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik which has been a fantastic trip so far. Moving forward I keep looking for new ways to challenge myself, grow both as a person and a professional and be an active voice within the global technical community. This month I joined the Community Mentors Program run by Microsoft, as teaching, coaching and mentoring are things I really enjoy doing I am very happy to have been selected for this program.

In 2018 I will continue to speak at events, most notably Microsoft Ignite in September, PowerShell Conference Asia in October and VMworld Europe in November. If you are attending any of these events or any of the others I will be attending this year, feel free to give me a shout on Twitter, @jaap_brasser, and I will be more than happy to meet up.

The MVP Program has been a great journey and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has helped make it to be such a pleasure to be part of this community. I hope to see/work/meet a lot more of you in the future!


Tokyo MVP New Year event

As I was traveling in Tokyo I was invited to participate in the Tokyo MVP New Year event two weeks ago. This was a great opportunity for me to network with my peers in Japan and share stories about what we encountered in our work and how we handled them.

It turns out that we had been running in many of the same issues and challenges and it led to some interesting discussions about how we resolved them. For example the same security threats that plagued us, Wannacry, Petya and more recently Spectre and Meltdown and it was interesting to hear the different approaches taken to solving these challenges we have in common.

For me this was an unique possibility to hear the stories and experiences of engineers and developers working on the other side of the globe and to understand their perspectives and views.



Paint it blue with PowerShell – China MVP Community Connection

Earlier this week I was invited to attend and speak at the Chinese MVP event, China MVP Community Connection in Hangzhou. As a foreign MVP at a local event it was a very interesting experience to discuss the common issues they ran into and compare that to the struggle and challenges we face back over at Europe.

To paraphrase the description of the MVP CC site:

2017 Microsoft’s MVP China Summit – China MVP Community Connection will be held in Hangzhou, China on October 20-21, 2017. The Microsoft MVP team is here to invite you to participate in this fall summit, with hundreds of MVPs from all over the country gathered together to discuss the future direction in which we are headed.

There have been some photos taken at the event which are available here:

My session was called Paint it blue with PowerShell, a session about implementing PowerShell in your workflow to prevent context switching. For engineers and developers working on a diverse range of operating systems and cloud platform having a uniform scripting language can be beneficial and I highlighted the benefits in this presention. The slides have been shared on GitHub in my Events repository:

China MVP Community Connection 2017

I also shared the slides I used and my other presentations on SlideShare:


Renewed as Microsoft MVP

Last Saturday I received an email from Microsoft that I have been renewed as a Cloud and Datacenter MVP. This year was my first renewal so obviously I am very happy that my contributions over the past year have been rewarded in this fantastic way.


I would like to thank everyone in the technical communities I have participated and contributed to, as I would not have been able to do this by myself. Through your participation, contributions, feedback and comments I have been able to grow and share my technical expertise.

Over the past year I have joined many more communities and participated in numerous events and I look forward to many more interactions with everyone over the coming year. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to speak at any events you are organizing. My contacts details are listed on my About page, or leave a comment below this post.


PowerShell MVP

I just received an email from Microsoft stating that I received the PowerShell MVP Award for my contributions to the community.


I would like to thank everyone in the technical communities I have participated and contributed to, as I would not have been able to do this by myself. Through your participation, contributions, feedback and comments I have been able to share my knowledge.