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Active Directory Friday: Create new OU

PowerShell can be used to create any number of objects in Active Directory. Today I will demonstrate how to create an organizational unit using both the ActiveDirectory module as well as the [adsi] alternative.

Creating an OU using the New-ADOrganizationalUnit is quite straight forward:

New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name Departments -Path "ou=Resources,DC=jaapbrasser,DC=com'

Using the [adsi] accelerator to create an OU requires some additional steps. First the parent object has to be selected, in this example the Resources OU in the jaapbrasser.com domain. The next step is create a new object, an organizationalunit in this case, finally the changes are committed to Active Directory by using the SetInfo() method.

$TargetOU = [adsi]'LDAP://ou=Resources,DC=jaapbrasser,DC=com'
$NewOU = $TargetOU.Create('organizationalUnit','ou=Departments')

That is all there is to it, creating an Organizational Unit in Active Directory is quite easy, with or without the ActiveDirectory module.