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PowerShell Conference Asia 2016 wrap-up

Last weekend we wrapped up the PowerShell Conference Asia 2016 in Singapore and it was a great event. I had the opportunity to speak at the event and present a number of sessions. This year we had a healthy mix of PowerShell, DevOps and everything else. The crowd was very engaging, so if you attended the PSConfAsia 2016: “Thank you for being a great crowd!”.

I would like to give a big shout-out to Milton Goh, Matthew Hitchcock, Sebastian Szumigalski, Ravikanth Chaganti and Benjamin Hodge for putting this event together with the support of the sponsors of the event. It was a great opportunity for myself to interact with the PowerShell community in Asia and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here are some picture to give you an impression of the event:

I presented and/or recording the following sessions for the conference:

Furthermore I was asked to co-host the Arrested Devops Podcast, which was a new and fun experience for me.

For more information here are the links to the PowerShell Conference Asia website, my GitHub repo and to the Twitter hashtag:

PowerShell Conference Asia 2016
Slide decks and code
PowerShell Conference Asia


I am speaking at PowerShell Conference Asia 2016!

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted as a speaker at the PowerShell Conference Asia in Singapore! I will be presenting two sessions and I will do joint session together with Jason Yoder. I will be presenting on the following topics:

  • Securing PowerShell to defeat malware
  • Creating better reports using PowerShell
  • PowerShell pre-conference session with Jason Yoder


The PowerShell Conference Asia is held in Singapore for the second year this year and I am happy to once again be a part of this event. To cite the psconf.asia website:

“Join us for the second PowerShell Conference Asia, held in Singapore, where PowerShell speakers from Asia and around the world come together to bring attendees in-depth PowerShell and DevOps content.

Speakers include 4 members of the PowerShell team from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and a strong line-up of MVPs, well-known international speakers, and community contributors. They’ll cover in-depth topics on the PowerShell language and how you can use PowerShell to automate the technologies you use every day.”

If you are interested in joining the conference or if you would like to know more about it, visit the website, follow @psconfasia on Twitter or join our Slack group psconfasia.slack. See you in Singapore!