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PowerShell Conference EU – Sessions have been approved

Earlier this week I received an email with a joyful message from the organization of of the PowerShell Conference EU. All three of my sessions that I submitted for the conference have been accepted so I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at the PowerShell Conference EU.


The full schedule and all the presentations has not been announced yet, but it promises to be the event that cannot be missed in 2016. The location looks amazing from the pictures and from what I have heard it appears to be a great location. The combination of the speakers, the location and our shared passion for technology will make this into the event that cannot be missed in 2016.


On the official website, PSConf.eu the event is listed as follows:
“Welcome to the next great European PowerShell event!

Deutsche PowerShell Konferenz and enthusiastic PowerShell Community Members from all across Europe have united together under the #PSConfEU banner to create an extraordinary PowerShell Community Event in Europe this coming April.

For this conference we will be bringing together PowerShell experts from all around the globe to create a unique 3-day event with presentations, workshops and the chance to connect, learn and discuss all things PowerShell with those that have a real passion for this evolving technology. There will be no place like this to deep-dive PowerShell in all of its flavors and colors.

The conference languages are English and German. There are continuous main tracks in both languages, making sure you can follow the tracks in the language you feel most comfortable with.”

For more information on this event, feel free to follow the official account on Twitter and the Hashtag to stay on top of the announcements.

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