What is new in PowerShell 4.0

Now that Server 2012R2 has been released, PowerShell 4.0 has also become available. Unfortunately it is not yet available as a standalone download, older operating systems will have to wait for the Windows Management Framework to become available as an optional download.

Some notable features that are available for PowerShell 4.0 are as follows:

  • Desired State Configuration – This allows for configuration of a computer in a way that was previously not possible with PowerShell.
  • Remote debugging – In PowerShell 4.0 it is now possible to set breakpoints for PSSessions, which allows for easier debugging of scripts that are running remotely
  • Get-Process now supports User names – No more Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process!!
  • Several language improvements and bug fixes.

For a full list of all changes have a look a the corrosponding TechNet Article which is available here:

What’s New in Windows PowerShell

And here are the direct links to some of the sections features in this article:


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